Video: Competing from Different Tees


Players Competing From Different Tees

A Course Handicap represents the number of strokes needed from a specific set of tees to play to the level of a scratch golfer; i.e., to the USGA Course Rating. The calculation of a Course Handicap only includes a player’s Handicap Index® and the Slope Rating® of the tees being played. When a USGA Course Rating difference exists among competitors, they are playing to different benchmarks, and an adjustment equal to the full difference in USGA Course Rating must be made in order for the competition to be equitable.

Old Tappan Golf Club Example: Players competing from two different tees:
Player A is competing from the Blue/White tees (68.8) and Player B is competing from the White/Gold tees (66.7). Since the USGA Course Rating difference is two strokes (68.8 – 66.7 = 2.1, which is rounded to 2), Player A must add two to the Course Handicap calculated from the Blue/White tees. As an alternative, Player B may deduct two from the Course Handicap calculated from the White/Gold tees, as the overall effect would be the same (see Decision 3-5/1).

Please note that a golf club may not ignore Section 3-5/9-3c when players are competing from a different USGA Course Rating as doing so would be waiving a Rule of Golf. The Committee in charge of a competition does not have the authority to waive a Rule of Golf (see Decision 3-5/2).

Important Tournament Procedures

With our tournament season about to start, please remember the two important procedures below. Disqualification may result from not adhering to these procedures.

  1. You must sign up for a tournament BEFORE teeing off. This procedure is for everyone’s protection. If you decide to attempt to qualify on Sunday and you shoot a career round on Saturday, congratulations! But you’re still qualifying on Sunday.
  2. When entering scores on the sign-up sheet, please enter scores for every hole, not simply your total score or your front-nine, back-nine and total scores. These hole-by-hole scores are used not only as tie-breakers for qualifying, but are also used for seeding purposes. Thus, we need hole-by-hole scores from everyone.

Handicap Committee Report – Guidelines for the Season

• Golf Season – Begins April 1st and runs through October 31st.

The computer has been on for the past few weeks so our members may check handicaps and post in-season scores played away. When in doubt, ask the pro if they are in-season before posting.

• Handicap Allowances – Based on Course Handicap. ( USGA Index adjusted for Old Tappan tees.)

All matches are to be played at Course Handicap unless an authorized committee finds it necessary to make an adjustment during tournament play. In such a case, the golfer will be notified in advance of the reason for the adjustment and may appeal.

• Peer Review – Golfers are required to post all scores, (home and away), for rounds played according to the rules of golf. They should follow the guidelines on the bulletin board for adjusting scores according to the following: equitable stroke control, holes not finished, and holes not played.

It is our responsibility to monitor scores throughout the season. If a golfer is suspected of manipulating his handicap or fails to post, please feel free to remind the golfer and bring it to my attention so we can determine the appropriate response.

• Score Cards – Proper completion of score cards is required for all men’s club tournaments.

Failure to properly complete and return score cards as directed by the Tournament Committee may result in disqualification. Score cards should only be placed in the box for major tournaments and as directed by the Committee to do so.

We will be monitoring score posting for the major tournaments in particular to make sure scores are posted properly. I have asked the tournament committee to add a “Date Played” column to the sheets for these events and to coordinate this with my committee.

Also, a link to the Handicap Committee section of the USGA Handicap Manual for your reference:

Handicap System Manual – Handicap Committee Section

Thank you for your assisstance and enjoy the season!

Rules Corner: Fourth Hole

On the fourth hole, the out-of-bounds markers run – following the shape of the hole – from the tee box to last tree at the top of the hill to the left of the fourth green. Right now, the hole is staked with OB markers half way up the hill after the dog-leg. However, the hole should be played as if the OB markers extend to the top of the hill to the last tree.

Please note that the intent of extending the out-of-bounds markers to the top of the hill is to prevent play up the fifth hole via the gap in the trees created by the damage from Hurricane Sandy. The new OB marking is being done for the safety of the membership and you are being asked to NOT play up the fifth fairway. If you are at the gap in the trees, you’ve hit your tee shot 100 yards. Thus, you are no Bubba Watson and you CAN NOT reach the fourth green from there. Save a life and, more importantly, your handicap by playing within your ability.